NSGA Qualifying Information

2025 National Senior Games Are Scheduled for July 24-August 4, 2025 in Des Moines, Iowa

The 2025 National Senior Games Association (NSGA) event will be in Des Moines, Iowa. Information on the National Senior Games can be found at NSGA.com/nationalgames/.


To be eligible to compete at the next National Senior Games (2025 in Des Moines, Iowa) athletes must qualify at a state-designated qualifying competition.  California will be hosting two qualifying competitions for each sport, one in Southern California, one in Northern California. These Qualifying Competitions will take place in 2024 at four different Games:  San Diego Senior Games and Pasadena Senior Games in Southern California and Bay Area Senior Games and Encore Games in Northern California.  See below for which Games will host the qualifiers for which sport. 


Southern California

  • San Diego Senior Games (August – September) Badminton, Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), Bowling, Golf, Pickleball, Softball (Women’s), Tennis, Triathlon, Indoor Volleyball (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Pasadena Senior Games (May – June), Cycling, Race Walk, Road Race, Swimming, Table Tennis, Track and Field 

Northern California

  • Bay Area Senior Games (March – June) – Race Walk, Tennis, Track and Field, Triathlon
  • Encore Games (November- December) – Badminton, Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), Golf, Pickleball, Road Race, Swimming, Table Tennis, Indoor Volleyball (Men’s and Women’s)

Open National Events (no qualification necessary) – Billiards, Cornhole, Disc Golf, Power Walk, Powerlifting, Soccer, Tai Chi.


Please note that because a sport is offered at one of these four Games, it is not necessarily the designated qualifying competition. Please check for verification when registering if your aim is to qualify for National Senior Games.


Each Games may also be offering sports in addition to those contested at National Senior Games (such as Water Polo, Fitness, Disc Golf, Racquetball and Paddleboard). Please check each individual Games information for a full list of sports offered.

Please Note that the list above only refers to NSGA qualifying events. It does not reflect all sports that each Senior Games presents. Please check their website for a list of all sports for 2024.

How to Qualify for the National Senior Games (NSGA)

2025 Nationals Information:

  • An athlete must be at least 50 years of age by December 31, 2024, to qualify for the 2025 National Senior Games.
  • An athlete MUST qualify for the National Senior Games in even numbered years at an NSGA sanctioned senior games.
  • For most sports athletes qualify by placing in the top four of their age group; exceptions are golf, tennis and team sports (3 on 3 basketball, softball & volleyball). For golf first place in each age group qualifies.
  • For tennis and team sports the top three finishers in each age group qualify. For certain sports athletes can qualify either by place or by minimum performance standards (MPS).
  • Qualifying results will be submitted to the National Senior Games office by staff from the NSGA sanctioned senior games where an athlete participates.
  • After results are verified for accuracy, athletes will receive a qualification/registration notice from NSGA.

Learn more about the National Senior Games at https://nsga.com/