Masters Fitness Competition

Fitness Competition


September 24, 2023


Registration Deadline:
September 17, 2023


Minimum Age: 50


8:45am Event Kickoff
9:00 – 11:00am Competitions
11:15 – 11:45am Medals Awarded

2023 Registration CLOSED

Fitness Quest 10
9922 Scripps Ranch Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92131


Commissioner: Stan Williams


Registration Fee: $40

Sport Fee: $20

  • Events List and Descriptions 2023


    Hosted for the 4th year by Fitness Quest 10

    9922 Scripps Ranch Blvd San Diego 92131

    In Association with the California Senior Games

    9 AM – 11AM September 24, 2023



    Kettlebell Box Squat: single attempt for max reps. 

    Toes 6 inches or less from wall; squat down touch buttocks to box with knees breaking 90 degrees; box height will be adjusted for each contestant. 

    Weight by gender/age.

    Females: 50-59 20kg; 60-69 16kg; 70-79 12kg; 80+ 8kg

    Males: 50-59 24kg; 60-69 20kg; 70-79 16kg; 80+ 12kg

    Barbell Bench Press: single attempt for max reps. 

    Touch bar to chest and lock out elbows. Weight by gender/ age. 

    Females: 50-59 55 lbs; 60-69 50lbs; 70-79 45lbs; 80+ 35lbs

    Males: 50-59 115lbs; 60-69 95lbs; 70-79 75lbs; 80+ 55lbs

    Overhand Straight Arm Hang: single attempt for time. Requires both hands at same time; quick re-grips are allowed. Time ends when any part of foot touches down.

    Broad Jump: For distance, best of three jumps. Start with toes of both feet on the line.  Distance measured from take-off line to nearest point of contact (back of heel) on landing.  Must stick the landing with both feet.

    Dynamax Ball Overhead Toss:3 attempts tossing ball overhead backward for distance in feet to where ball lands; 4 lb for women and 8 lb for men.

    300 Yard Shuttle Run:single attempt for time.  Sprint down and back six times. Foot must touch 25-yard marker line each time. Time starts when official calls “Go!”

    Concept 2 Rower:single attempt, row 500 meters for time at level 10.

    Jump Rope: single attempt; jump rope 1 minute as many clear rotations as possible.

    Prowler Push: single attempt for time; one 25 lb plate on each side for females, one 45 lb plate on each side for males; 50 yard push. Time starts when official calls “Go!” Some part of sled must touch the 25 yd mark when turning around to push back to start. Time ends when nose of sled crosses the start line.

    Med Ball Slams (smooth non-bouncing): women 10 lbs and men 15 lbs, Total number completed within one minute. Rule: start with athletic stance and body upright. Entire ball must come up fully above head, body upright, before each slam.


    SEE FITNESS RULES SHEET Q AND A.  For Competition questions contact Fitness Commissioner Stan Williams or 408-799-3852

  • Rules and FAQs 2023


    Hosted for the 4th year by Fitness Quest 10 

    9922 Scripps Ranch Blvd San Diego 92131

    in Association with the California Senior Games

    Sunday September 24 9AM-11AM Competition (all age groups & events)

    Medals awarded in each age division, by gender, for each event.




    For questions about the Competition: contact Fitness Commissioner Stan Williams or 408-799-3852


    Q: Are the ten events the same as were in the 2022 Fitness Competition?

    A: YES. NO CHANGES. The 2023 Fitness Competition will include all of the fitness events as the competition in 2022: kettlebell box squat, barbell bench press, keg toss, 300 yard shuttle run, Concept 2 rower, Jump rope, prowler push, med ball slams, broad jump, and overhand straight arm hang. [See EVENT DESCRIPTIONS)


    Q: What are the age brackets for the competition? 

    A: For both men and women, the brackets are 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79; 80-84, 85-89, 90-95, 96-100.


    Q: What should be considered in choosing the events to compete in?  Must I do all?

    A: No.  Choose those that you know you can execute safely with proper form and may also be competitive in.  FQ trainers will explain/demo technique, supervise each event for proper form, and document each contestant’s outcomes (eg # of reps, distance, time, appropriate metric) for each event.


    Q: May I do the events in any order?

    A: Yes. But plan strategically. No event may be started once the closing bell is rung at 11 AM.


    Q: How will the events be set up?

    A: Six of the ten events will be held on the outside of the gym facility.  Bench press, med ball slams, broad jump, and kettle bell box squats are planned for inside the gym and will allow for contestant distancing and plenty of air circulation. Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be available inside and out.  Each event will be supervised by a Fitness Quest10 certified trainer who will remind each contestant of the event rules and proper form, and document results.


    Q: Will there be awards for most fitness events won overall?

    A: No. Medals will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners by gender, age bracket and event.  


    Q: For the jump rope event:  Can contestants keep jumping up to the one-minute mark even if they miss a couple of rotations?  Will all clear rotations during the one-minute be counted?

    A:  Yes, and yes. 


    Q: May contestants bring their own jump ropes or does every contestant need to use the ones at the gym?

    A:  No. Every contestant must use the jump ropes at Fitness Quest 10.


    Q: May contestants wear gloves or wrap their hands for any events?

    A: No


    Q:  Are leg braces/sleeves to support knee injuries/instability allowed?

    A: Yes 

    Q: How many contestants participated in the 2022 Fitness Competition?

    A: Eighty-nine, a 90% increase over the first Masters 50+ Fitness Competition in 2019. Of the eight-nine, 56% were from the City of San Diego; 39% others were from other CA cities and regions; 5% were from other states. Roughly 30% of the 2022 contestants were between 50-59; 42% between 60-69; 20% between 70-79; another 8% were 80-89.


    Q: Does this CA State Competition Event qualify for any national senior games Fitness Competition? 

    A: No. This is event is only for the California Senior Games State Championships. It is not a qualifier for the National Senior Games because Fitness is not yet a sport the NSGA endorses. 

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