2021 Senior Fitness Competition

Fitness Competition


September 19, 2021

Register by September 12, 2021


Fitness Quest 10
10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92131


Commissioner: Stan Williams


Sport Fee: $15.00


Minimum Age: 50+


COVID-19 Sport Protocols: Masks recommended for unvaccinated individuals.

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2021 Events:

Kettlebell box squat
Barbell bench press
Straight arm dead hang
Farmers walk
Keg toss
300 yard shuttle run
Concept 2 rower

Jump rope

Prowler push
Med ball slams

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  • 2021 Fitness Competition Q and A

     (Rev 8-26-2021 Fitness Quest 10 50+ Masters Fitness Challenge


    Q: What day and time is the Fitness Challenge?

    A: Sunday September 19, 2021 from 9-11 AM at Fitness Quest 10.

    Q: What is the schedule for the two hours?

    9 AM Kickoff and Welcome by Jeff Bristol, gym owner and GM, who will explain the events and their location.  Any individual in any age group can compete at any time during the two hours in any of the ten events. Individuals planning to compete in all ten events must be finished no later than 11 AM, when medals will be handed out by gender, event, and the age groups below.

    Q: What are the competition age ranges for medals?

    A: In five-year increments:  50-54, 55-59; 60-64, 65-69; 70-74, 75-79, 80+ etc.

    Individuals may choose to compete in a younger age bracket but not in an older bracket.

    Q: What should be considered in choosing the events to compete in?  Must I do all?

    A: No.  Choose those that you know you can execute safely with proper form and may also be competitive in.  FQ trainers will explain/demo technique, supervise each event for proper form, and document each contestant outcomes (eg # of reps, distance, time, appropriate metric) for each event.

    Q: Must we do the events in a certain order?  
    A: No. Contestants may compete in their events in the order of their choosing but must finish their competition by 11 AM. Contestants in the middle of an event when 11 AM is called may complete the event but no person can start an event once 11 AM is called.

    Q: Will there be awards for most fitness events won overall?

    A: No. Medals will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners by gender, age group, and event.

    Q: For the jump rope event:  Can contestants keep jumping up to the one minute mark even if they miss a couple of rotations?  Will all clear rotations during the one-minute be counted? 

    A:  Yes, and yes.

    Q: May contestants bring their own jump ropes or does every contestant need to use the ones at the gym? 

    A:  No. Every contestant must use the jump ropes at Fitness Quest 10.

    Q What will be the COVID protocols?

    A: Masks will not be required but are strongly encouraged for individuals not vaccinated.  Any contestant not a FQ10 member will be required to sign a client release form. At least seven of the ten events will be held outside and spaced apart.  Bench press, med ball slams, and kettle bell box squats are planned for inside the gym and will allow for contestant distancing and plenty of air circulation. Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be available inside and out.  If COVID conditions and CDC or SD County Public Health Guidelines change before the competition, Fitness Commissioner Stan Williams will notify contestants on behalf of FQ10 and request they comply.

    Q May contestants wear gloves for any events?  Are leg braces allowed?  A: No. Contestants may chalk their hands if desired for dead hang, farmers walk, etc.  But contestants may not wear gloves for events or wrap their wrists for events.  Yes, leg braces/sleeves to support knee injuries/instability are allowed.

  • 2021 Fitness Competition Announcement

    In Association with the San Diego Senior Games 2021

    Fitness Quest 10 Hosts The Masters 50+ Fitness Competition

    The 2021 Fitness Competition is by gender. Age brackets are 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, etc.


    HOST: Fitness Quest 10 9922 Scripps Ranch Blvd San Diego 92131

    9 AM Kickoff and Welcome by FQ10 Owner & GM Jeff Bristol.

    9AM-11AM Competition (all age groups & events) 

    11AM Medals Awarded in each age division, by gender, for each event.


    • Note: Masks required for individuals not vaccinated.  Any contestant not a FQ10 member will be required to sign a client release form. Any events held in the gym will allow for contestant distancing and plenty of air circulation. Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be available inside and out.


    If COVID conditions and CDC or SD County Public Health Guidelines change before the competition, FQ10 will notify contestants and request they comply.


    For more information on registration deadlines and cost:  SDSeniorGames.org

    For more information on competition events: Contact Commissioner Stan Williams at stanwill1@gmail.com or 408-799-3852

  • 2021 Fitness Competition Events


    Hosted by Fitness Quest 10

    September 19, 2021


    1. Kettlebell box squat: single attempt for max reps.

    Toes 6 inches or less from wall; squat down touch buttocks to box with knees breaking 90 degrees; box height will be adjusted for each contestant. Weight by gender/age.

    Females: 50-59 16kg; 60-69 12kg; 70&over 8kg

    Males: 50-59 20kg; 59-60 16kg; 70&over 12kg


    1. Barbell bench press: single attempt for max reps.

    Touch bar to chest and lock out elbows. Weight by gender/ age.

    Females: 50-59 55 lbs; 60-69 50lbs; 70&over 45lbs

    Males: 50-59 115lbs; 60-69 95lbs; 70&over 75lb


    1. Straight Arm Dead Hang: single attempt for maximum time in seconds/minutes. Grab the bar using an overhand grip (palms facing away from you), making sure your hands are more than shoulder-width apart and your arms are straight. No swinging. Feet may not touch floor at any time. Engage your shoulders (squeeze your shoulder blades together) and hold on to the bar for as long as possible. Then step down.
    2. Farmers walk:single attempt for maximum time in minutes/seconds, carrying kettle bells closest to half of body weight. Time starts when official calls “Go!.”
    3. Keg toss:3 attempts for distance in yards to where ball lands; use Dynamax balls; 4 lb for women and 8 lb for men.
    4. 300 yard shuttle run:single attempt for time; 25 yard marker; sprint down and back 6 times for a total of 300 yds. Foot must touch line each time. Time starts when official calls “Go!”
    5. Concept 2 rower:single attempt, row 500 meters for time at

    level 10.

    1. Jump rope: single attempt; jump rope 1 minute as many clear rotations as possible.
    2. Prowler push: single attempt for time; one 25 lb plate on each side for females, one 45 lb plate on each side for males; 50 yard push. Time starts when official calls “Go!” Some part of sled must touch the 25 yd mark when turning around to push back to start. Time ends when nose of sled crosses the start line.
    3. Med ball slams: women 10 lbs and men 15 lbs, Total number completed within one minute. Rule: start with athletic stance and body upright. Entire ball must come up fully above head, body upright, before each slam.

    FQ10 trainers will supervise events, ensure proper form is always maintained, and document results.