2021 Senior Softball (2 Events)

Softball (Women’s)


September 11 -12, 2021

Team Registration Deadline Sept. 1

Indiv. Registration Deadline Sept. 7


Saturday and Sunday:

Hourglass Park
10440 Black Mtn. Road
San Diego, CA 92126


Saturday: (50+ Division only)

Noble Athletic Recreation Center
8810 Judicial Drive
San Diego, CA 92122

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Commissioner: Mary Knapik


Individual Fee: $35 plus            Sport Fee: $15.00


Minimum Age: 50+


COVID-19 Sport Protocols: Masks recommended when not playing.

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    1. Tournament Dates: September 11 & 12, 2021 
    2. Win-loss record 
    3. Locations: Hourglass Park, 10440 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92126 B. Head to Head
      1. Nobel Athletic Recreation Center, 8810 Judicial Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

    (NOTE: 50 Div will play at Nobel on Saturday only) 

    1. Tournament Format: Three pool play seeding games on Saturday into double elimination brackets. Double elimination will start on Saturday after pool play is completed. Seeding will be determined by: 
    2. Total runs allowed 
    3. Total runs scored 
    4. Coin flip 
    5. Awards will be given for 1st – 3rd place teams in each division.

    Tournament Director: Mary Knapik, 858-761-7786 


    (50) minutes, plus open inning. At the end of 50 minutes of play, the umpire will announce that 

    1. Current Senior Softball USA rules will govern all games, with exceptions. 
    2. Managers must check in at least 30 minutes prior to the team’s first game to verify team’s roster. Only managers/assistant managers will check in. No individual player check in. 
    3. Length of Game: All games except the final/championship games in each division will be fifty-five the current inning will be completed and the next inning will be the “open” inning. The final/championship games in each division will be seven innings. 
    1. Eleven defensive players shall constitute a team. Must have a minimum of ten (10) players to start and finish a game. Unlimited batters may be used. 
    2. Bats: All bats meeting the 1.21 bpf standard or ASA 2000 stamped bats are allowed. In addition, the bat shall be free of burs, dents, cracks, sharp edges and audible rattles. 
    3. For all games, including the final/championship games, there will be a five (5) run limit per inning with the last inning being an “open” inning. 
    4. Mercy Rule: A team ahead by 20 runs after four innings or 15 runs after five innings will be declared the winner. 
    5. Flip-Flop Rule: The flip-flop rule is in effect. If the home team is behind by 10 runs or more going into the last inning, they will become the visitor in the last inning and any extra innings. 
    6. Tie Breaker Rule: Tied games will be played to completion using the International Tie Breaker Rule. Teams start each half-inning with a runner on second base. This runner is the last batter of the previous inning whose turn at bat had been completed. No substitute or courtesy runner may replace this runner until she has reached third base.
    7. Batters will start with a 1/1 count, with one foul ball to waste. 
    8. Courtesy runners are unlimited, except no player may be a courtesy runner more than once per inning and a courtesy runner may not replace another courtesy runner except for an injury to the original courtesy runner. Any player listed on the line-up card, including substitutes, may be used as a courtesy runner. 
    9. A “safety base” will be used at 1st base. A scoring line (or base) will be used at home. 
    10. A commitment line shall be marked perpendicular to the foul line between third base and home plate, 30 feet from home plate. 
    11. Home team will be determined by a flip of a coin. 
    12. Game time is forfeit time. Game time starts two (2) minutes after plate meeting. Teams should be ready to play fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled game time. 
    13. Official scorekeepers are not available, so the home team will be the official scorekeeper. 17. A strike zone mat will be used. 
    14. Double rostering is NOT allowed. 
    15. In the event a team forfeits a game, the opposing team will be awarded 7 runs. (One for each inning of complete game). 


    1. Masks are recommended when not on the field and social distancing is encouraged. If you do not feel well, please stay home.
    2. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the tournament.


    1. Due to City of San Diego regulations, no vendors are permitted on site so there WILL NOT be a food truck. 
    2. Smoking is not allowed in any San Diego County park and/or recreation center. If you do find the need to smoke, DO NOT drop the butts on the ground. Dispose of them properly. 3. Overnight RV parking is allowed at Hourglass Park in designated areas (see map). 4. For those teams that want to practice Friday, the fields at Hourglass are on a first come, first served basis, after 4:00 p.m. On Saturday, if fields 5, 6 & 7 are open, teams may practice there. You will have to leave if/when the soccer players show up to play.

Softball (Men’s)